Friday, 15 April 2011

Blackwing Progress

Well we finally managed to get that pesky Chimaeron down. Yay! Think that was actually just the third time we were there.. Been in the habit of resetting a lot and going through the whole place again and again. But yes, here we are:

And I think my shadowy-twisted healing even helped a little bit maybe! Well popping a Divine Hymn during a feud and possibly a few Prayer of Healings here and there.. But still shadow, so fear me! Haven't gone soft or anything..

As a proof here is me going against Onyxia in the face of certain wipe!

If I just could've gotten close enough to give her a proper whack with my silly blue staff.. *mutters about archaeology and just stupid trash from Tol'Vir*

Oh, and an aerial view from Nefarian looking down at our raid group. I kinda love Mind Vision =)

Friday, 25 March 2011

Monty Python!

Really now, I think they nailed this down better than Blizzard..

Courtesy of , do check them out if you haven't already :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Team Speakage

Well, today I found out you can actually set up whisper lists in Team Speak.. Guess I'm sort of out of loop with that one. "It was about the bloody time!" I hear you gasp, and it's true! Seriously had one of the most entertaining raids for a while now.. I do really love raiding, but chatting with someone about it makes it just so much more fun! 

Being a shadow priest, the most time I tend to get to typing during an encounter is the 2,45 seconds or so it takes me to cast Mind Flay within.. Not much time to advance conversation in typing. SO much better when you can just press a keybind with an unused finger and get blabbing. You should try it! Today!

Also, wine. Yes, wine is good for raids! In moderate amounts. And I have work tomorrow. So yay, enjoy your first (of many to come? who knows!) blog posts written while under the influence of tipsy. Aaaaaand what made it even better, got a very good trinket as a drop, and paid minimum amount of dkp for it! The other week there was more competition, and it went for a reallyreally high amount of dkp. Now, zero competition! So all I can say is: Yay for awesome raid night!

And with that, it is time to bid you all a good night, as I have work tomorrow. Very early.

2,45 seconds of frantic typing

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lady La-La - Siren of the Deeps

Found my first rare mob of Cata (that was still alive by the time I made it there), and even managed to kill it whilst giggling like a school girl. I present to you: Lady La-La <Siren of the Deeps>!

Exhausted by performing, I suppose... Anyway, kinda awesome :D She even has her own special headdress, and later found out she also has a weird set of glasses, which disappeared somewhere when she died. Still hanging on to her disco stick, though!

Also has the ability Siren's Song to make you just dance, and Briny Romance to.. Well, cause pain. And drops a pretty nice healer trinket. Here is where to locate her in case you wanna try your luck.

In addition, the gilblins in Kelp'thar Forest have a chance to drop a quest item which has you collecting together Lady La-La's necklace:

Some nice blue drops for clothies (who benefit from spirit), mail-wearing healers, and melee-ish ring. All together now!


Monday, 7 March 2011

Moar Raiding!

Lots of work (and lots of plans and WoW on free time) makes for shoddy posting schedule. Anyhoo, some new bosses down!
 Atramedes. Here on 10 man mode, also down on 25 man.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker. Down on first try!

Valiona and Theralion. I assure you both died, even if you only see one.

This one's from an unsuccessful attempt (I was already dead at this point), but thought it looks kinda neat, so here we go :)

Soon to follow should at least be Chimaeron. Hopefully more :)

Monday, 14 February 2011

Raiding Update

There is some progress! So far down:


Omnitron Defence System!

Maloriak (That shrieking bastard)!

Two priests who levitated in to the middle of the lake of lava!

More to come! (I hope!)

For Science! Pt. 2

Throne of the Tides holds many mysteries.. Where did the giant squid take Neptulon? How do you not sink through a jellyfish elevator? Is this reality? But the most burning question in my mind since the early days has been... What would happen if I attempted to enter one of the corridors in the lower "atrium" when they are still blocked by Ozumat's tentacles?
Being the considerate being I am, I haven't gone and tested this while grouped with others. Alas, my farmbot-kitty is high enough level to sneak past the first nagas, so it is experiment time! What ever will become of the kitty!?

Big fat nothing! Silly tentacle just bounces you back. And the naga guard stood there watching, not lifting a finger. I am officially disappointed. Ozumat you big fat wuss!